Servantship Team


TOM & BETHANY CUREE. Tom and Bethany Curee both grew up in the town of Goshen, became high school sweethearts (won the cutest couple) and both graduated in 2004 from Goshen High School. On July 2, 2005, they were married at the ages of 18 & 19. Happily married and several houses later outside their desired area, they longed to return to the land of Goshen. After several house hunts, offers and cancellations of offers God allowed them to buy their dream home, a farmhouse just on the verge of Goshen Township.

Tom and Bethany began stepping into their calling towards pastorship around 2009. With a passionate desire for youth ministry, they started by launching and beginning a youth group from their home as well as a young adult group. In 2011 they officially served as the Youth Pastors at the House of Restoration (HofR) in Milford, Ohio and served for many years.  During their time they successfully re-launched the youth group to Restore Youth and also served as the Children’s Pastors as a part of their MIP program during their training. All the while they continued their young adult group from their home.

Tom and Bethany’s heart for youth and young adults began to stir for something more as God began to sow the passion for planting a young adult church in their hearts in September of 2016. They began to have a desire to reach the generations that are un-churched, lost, hurt by the church, or for those that they like to call the GAP group. The GAP group being the group of students that graduate high school and head into their young adult lives, many leaving the church behind until marriage and children enter the picture. Their mission and heart are to widen their ministry reach, make a large impact and introduce as many people as they can to Jesus through the launching of Real Church that happened at the end of 2017.

Tom and Bethany wear many hats here at Real Church and work to live the example of servantship. They believe that this was the model Christ exampled. You can find them dabbling in a little bit of everything from teaching to worship, leading projects and community events, to cleaning and taking out the trash. They both share in the administrative roles at the church from the finances to managing church calendars, phone calls and issues, marketing and more. They prefer to be used as a team whenever they can but both have their individual contribution to the running of the church. They love seeing marriages flourish and work as a team for God’s Kingdom.

Tom and Bethany have four beautiful children who they adore: Nakoda Taylor, Judah Michael, Naomi Ezra and Harvest Dawn Curee. As a family, they love JESUS but also laughing, dancing, playing music, singing, driving in their Ford Bronco & Truck, gardening, being foodies, working on home projects, taking care of their temples, antiquing, dreaming, art, designing, being creative and so much more! Life with Jesus is a JOYOUS one and they desire others to walk in that JOYOUS life as well.


BILLY & KIM EIFERT. Billy and Kim have a passion for reaching, equipping and teaching RC+ Kids here at Real Church on the Biblical truths found in the Word. They believe in starting kids on a good foundation in their faith that will continue to help them grow their personal relationships with Jesus as teenagers and on into adulthood. With creative hands-on and interactive lessons, they are truly gifted for this role.

Billy and Kim bring previous training from serving in children’s ministry at Christ Church in Mason. Their contagious laughter and kid-like spirit create the perfect leaders for this ministry. We are joyous to have them serve on the Servantship Team.

Billy and Kim have three daughters, Rosie, Ali and Brianna. In their spare time they love being involved in their girls sports, camping with their camper, vacationing, serving in the community, gardening and antiquing.


TOM CUREE. Pastor Tom is currently leading the men’s group. Right now the group meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of each month on our Real Church Food Truck initiative. In 2020 we raised the funds and purchased an Airstream in which we are converting to be a FREE community food truck. We are currently in the demolition and remodeling phase of this project and are very exciting to see it come to life. The men are able to work as a team, bond and have great discussions while working on this project.


KIM PENDERGRASS. Kim has a passion for teaching and equipping women to walk in God’s Word and ways. She has years of life skills, teaching experience and wisdom to pour into the body of Christ. From her experience growing up in the church, hosting basement church from her home with her late husband, and ladies nights of worship and the Word, she has much to offer to women who want to grow in their walk with Christ and understanding His Word and applying it to their lives.

Kim brings a fresh breath of authenticity and real life experience to the table. We are grateful to have her on our Servantship Team working directly with the women as well as serving as a guidance and watchmen (watchwoman) of the Church. She also serves God’s house by managing the cleaning of the church building each month in excellence. RC+ Women’s Discipleship currently meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at Real Church.

In her off time Kim enjoys coffee and good cooking, a competitive game of scrabble, gardening, nurturing plants, digging in the dirt, writing, spending time in nature and enjoy her family and 13 grand babies.


CHRIS & KRISTEN NAY. Chris and Kristen work hand in hand to efficiently run our sound team here at Real Church. They are a God sent team, having a passion to be useful and contribute to the technical needs of the body. They put excellence first and go above and beyond to serve in anyway possible. Whether it’s researching better sound, video, or live-stream equipment and needs, recording a podcast, getting the right words up on the screens, setting up for a community movie night, or painting benches at a local park with us—they are always giving their all. With years of experience serving in the church growing up, they both bring a variety of gifts to the team.

Chris’s hobbies include tinkering with electronics: computers, speakers, cars and home automation. Kristen’s hobbies include REFIT® snuggling with cats and math-related tasks.

We are forever thankful for this team.


TOM & BETHANY CUREE. Pastors Tom and Bethany Curee have a passion for doing things in excellence. They believe great ideas and great vision is backed up well by great marketing and a great brand presence. While many would call us the marketing department, Tom deems us as Digital Evangelist. Tom graduated with a degree in Business Management and has 16+ years working in the field and is currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at Kingsgate Logistics, LLC. Bethany graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and has worked 15+ years in the field, 10 of those serving in the marketing department for one of the largest logistics companies in the United States. Currently serving as a Freelance Graphic Designer she volunteers most of her time to her work here at Real Church now.

Tom and Bethany work hand in hand with all the marketing planning and execution. Tom, largely on the strategy, brainstorming and analytical side, while Bethany serves mainly on the execution of the ideas via marketing write ups, Graphic Design and brand management, all the way up to print or digital avenues.

Tom and Bethany also host the Real Stories podcast found under Real Church Goshen on any of your favorite podcast listening services.

They also host the Real Marriage Podcast found on any of your favorite podcast listening services.


KRISTEN NAY. Kristen is a certified REFIT® Instructor offering FREE REFIT® classes at several locations in our local communities. Each Thursday at 6:30PM, hosted by Real Church & Heartland Christian Church here in Goshen, Ohio, Kristen offers a ladies only night conducted to all christian and family friendly music. Kristen does an excellent job teaching and inspiring woman to work towards their fitness goals all while having a blast! We are so thankful for this ministry as a part of Real Church.

REFIT® combines Purposeful Movements with Powerful Music for a workout that includes cardio, toning, balance, and flexibility. The music is fun and family friendly with movements that are easy to learn and can be modified for various fitness levels.

REFIT® desires to revolutionize the fitness experience by building community and inspiring people to live with impact. We believe that fitness is for everybody and we value YOU!